Tea Cup Rides in South Africa Amusement Park


The teacup is a type of amusement rides for South Africa that are able to be used both in the outdoor or indoor amusement parks, funfair ground, and theme parks. This cup is characterized by the way the top which looks like a spinning vehicle. The cups can be found in a cup of 4 to 10 cups and each of the cables is able to serve people that are not more than 4. When it is working, the turntable and the cup can be rotated. The control of the cup is done by people who are sitting there.

Amusement park coffee cup rides

The cup style appearance is amazing and it can attract both kids and adult and therefore it is ideal for family members. Teacup rides for sale in South Africa are of various types depending on the task in which each of them performs. Some of the types include,

Tea Cup Rides

This is the most common and classic type that is used by kids. The design of the cabin looks like that of the teacup. At the mid of the fairground rides, there is an upward tilt so as to make it stand when one is pouring tea in the cup. There are beautiful patterns that are painted on the surface of the cup. A circular chair is installed within it and a steering wheel that helps in the rotation process. Its speed depends on how it has been rotated. This rotation helps in creating happiness in the kids as the parents enjoy with them.

Coffee cup ride

The presence of several coffee cups and coffee teapot differentiate this type. The coffee color can be of green, red, orange, pink and others. The Chinese traditional pattern is the major ones that are used in this type. With this one, many people are able to enjoy the experience and the fun they get from it.

Kiddie tea cup rides

Flower cup ride

This type tries to take the shape of the flower as opposed to the first two types. At the middle of the rides, flowers of different height and directions are put. The shape of the flowers can take of any type, for example, can be like that of bees. This type if very popular among teenagers and kids because of its beautiful appearance. The flowers that are within are made from fiberglass reinforced plastics.

Teacup ride physics

Normally the teacup rides are composed of cups, turntables, electronic control unit and the middle part. The cups are connected to the turntables and on it, a rotation system is installed there in order to make the turntable to rotate.These cups on the turntables are used as the cabin. People then sit within the cups and they can comfortably control the rotation by the use of the steering wheel. The middle part is used in the decoration functions in which the process can be comfortable as it rotates. The electronic cup control unit is used to make the teacup to ride well.

Advantages of using Tea cup rides from Beston

Affordable price- the company has got its own factory and raw materials that help in making the final tea cups rides from https://amusementrides.co.za/tea-cup-rides-for-sale-in-south-africa/ and therefore this means that their cost is lower compared to those that do not have their own company. Their experience in amusement production also improves but the price is competitive.

They are easy to operate and durable- with enough experience in teacup ride production, they have been able to produce high-quality products. They have very keen supervision in every stage and therefore they end up with high-quality products that are able to stay for a long period.

New Tea cup rides for south africa

The design is striking and amazing- the company has come up with highly innovative talents that have been able to come up with an appealing design of the fairground and the teacup. There are several teacups in which customers can choose from. As customers, you are given an opportunity to choose something that you are interested and that is good for you. Their skills, to be honest, are that of an advanced one.


Teacup rides are one of the best amusement from www.amusementrides.co.za that can be used both in indoor and outdoor parks. Getting the best teacup you ought to use the best and experienced company that has experience in that field.