Tea Cup Rides in South Africa Amusement Park


The teacup is a type of amusement rides for South Africa that are able to be used both in the outdoor or indoor amusement parks, funfair ground, and theme parks. This cup is characterized by the way the top which looks like a spinning vehicle. The cups can be found in a cup of 4 to 10 cups and each of the cables is able to serve people that are not more than 4. When it is working, the turntable and the cup can be rotated. The control of the cup is done by people who are sitting there.

Amusement park coffee cup rides

The cup style appearance is amazing and it can attract both kids and adult and therefore it is ideal for family members. Teacup rides for sale in South Africa are of various types depending on the task in which each of them performs. Some of the types include,

Tea Cup Rides

This is the most common and classic type that is used by kids. The design of the cabin looks like that of the teacup. At the mid of the fairground rides, there is an upward tilt so as to make it stand when one is pouring tea in the cup. There are beautiful patterns that are painted on the surface of the cup. A circular chair is installed within it and a steering wheel that helps in the rotation process. Its speed depends on how it has been rotated. This rotation helps in creating happiness in the kids as the parents enjoy with them.

Coffee cup ride

The presence of several coffee cups and coffee teapot differentiate this type. The coffee color can be of green, red, orange, pink and others. The Chinese traditional pattern is the major ones that are used in this type. With this one, many people are able to enjoy the experience and the fun they get from it.

Kiddie tea cup rides

Flower cup ride

This type tries to take the shape of the flower as opposed to the first two types. At the middle of the rides, flowers of different height and directions are put. The shape of the flowers can take of any type, for example, can be like that of bees. This type if very popular among teenagers and kids because of its beautiful appearance. The flowers that are within are made from fiberglass reinforced plastics.

Teacup ride physics

Normally the teacup rides are composed of cups, turntables, electronic control unit and the middle part. The cups are connected to the turntables and on it, a rotation system is installed there in order to make the turntable to rotate.These cups on the turntables are used as the cabin. People then sit within the cups and they can comfortably control the rotation by the use of the steering wheel. The middle part is used in the decoration functions in which the process can be comfortable as it rotates. The electronic cup control unit is used to make the teacup to ride well.

Advantages of using Tea cup rides from Beston

Affordable price- the company has got its own factory and raw materials that help in making the final tea cups rides from https://amusementrides.co.za/tea-cup-rides-for-sale-in-south-africa/ and therefore this means that their cost is lower compared to those that do not have their own company. Their experience in amusement production also improves but the price is competitive.

They are easy to operate and durable- with enough experience in teacup ride production, they have been able to produce high-quality products. They have very keen supervision in every stage and therefore they end up with high-quality products that are able to stay for a long period.

New Tea cup rides for south africa

The design is striking and amazing- the company has come up with highly innovative talents that have been able to come up with an appealing design of the fairground and the teacup. There are several teacups in which customers can choose from. As customers, you are given an opportunity to choose something that you are interested and that is good for you. Their skills, to be honest, are that of an advanced one.


Teacup rides are one of the best amusement from www.amusementrides.co.za that can be used both in indoor and outdoor parks. Getting the best teacup you ought to use the best and experienced company that has experience in that field.

Understanding The Different Kinds Of Amusement Park Train Rides Available

If you’re curious to learn more about the different kinds of amusement park train rides that are currently available, then you certainly have many options to consider. In this guide, we’re going to focus on several of the most popular amusement train rides (купить аттракцион паровозик), so let’s begin.

First of all, trackless trains tend to be a very popular option and they offer a number of unique advantages that make them an ideal choice for many amusement parks. Just as the name suggests, a trackless train doesn’t require a train track to operate, so it can be an incredibly versatile addition to your park.

Kid Electric Train with Track
Amusement Track Train Rides

In fact, these train rides are often used to ferry park visitors from one end of the park to the other, allowing them to stop off at whichever location they prefer. They can also make for useful transportation in their own right under certain circumstances.

The carriages often come with lively decoration and music, and they will usually be powered by an electric motor to keep it environmentally friendly and ensure there are no fumes or unnecessary noise that would hamper with the experience of your amusement park guests.

all types of amusement rides
Amusement Electric Trackless Train

Another type of train ride is the simple roller coaster, which often uses a track to allow the train to make a number of dives, twists, and turns depending on how the track has been designed. Of course, these rides come in a number of different styles and designs, ranging all the way from the most intense and thrilling roller coaster rides down to the simpler rollercoasters that are designed for toddlers and above.

If you’re planning to invest in a BESTON train ride for your amusement park, then one of the best ideas is to invest in one of the trackless trains, simply because they offer a level of versatility that is hard to compete with.

There are many different uses for these trains, and even though they can be used as a fun ride in their own right, they are certainly very useful for parks that offer sightseeing and scenic routes for your guests to enjoy.

Small Track Train Ride
Electric Tourist Train with Track

You will also find these trains are commonly used in shopping malls around the world (найти эти поезда аттракционы обычно используются в торговых центрах по всему миру), but especially in Europe. Another unique advantage of the trackless train is its ability to accommodate a large number of passengers. While the smaller trains may only cater for anywhere between 6 and 8 people, the larger models can contain anywhere from 40 to 60 people at a time, and this definitely gives you excellent transportation abilities for larger parks that need to give their guests help when getting from A to B.

It’s also possible to decorate them in some very interesting ways as well, and some trackless trains have incredible detail in regards to the artwork which make them an attraction in their own right.

At the end of the day, there are many different types of train ride that you can install in your amusement park, and this guide has highlighted a few of the main options for you. You can try these out: https://attraktsiony.kz/attraktsion-parovozik-kupit-tsena/

Why Residential Indoor playground equipment Become So Popular

At times the best place for kids to enjoy outdoor activities is at the residential community. This is possible when a high-quality piece of residential indoor playground equipment is added to your apartment complex. By doing so, you will be adding an incredible platform where families and their kids can have fun moments in their neighborhood. One of the widely known manufacturers of such equipment is the Beston group. Beston Amusement is a manufacturer and supplier of large amusement rides like the bumper cars, carousels, Ferris wheel rides, roller coaster, and a trackless train. For many years, Beston has been placing indoor playground equipment in residences around the world and caters for the particular needs of communities in various neighborhoods. Let’s have a deeper look at the residential indoor playground equipment.

Kiddie Residential Indoor Playground Equipment

Residential indoor playground equipment

This is one of the products that Beston has designed to make recreation more fun. Its structure is created to give children a safe and enjoyable place where they can stretch their muscles as they stay active. This collection can be fully customized and therefore you’ve got the opportunity to select the color and theme that would reflect the style of your residential community. Additionally, it’s built using the state-of-the-art techniques thus the outcome is remarkable equipment.

Residential indoor playground equipment is the ultimate home entertainment for those youngsters within that community. However, it can also be used in shopping malls, a playground, and an amusement park. Some of its technical parameters are that the metals that are used to manufacture this item are galvanized, it has some plastic parts, the posts are made of standard galvanized steel pipes and the outer cover constitutes a soft covering PVC.

Examples of Residential indoor playground equipment include:

– BNR-01 73 Square meters Kiddie Kiddie equipment

– BNR- 02 77 Square meters Kiddie equipment

– BNR-03 Large Apple equipment

– BNR-04 120 Square meters large equipment

– BNR-05 Kiddie equipment

– BNR-06 Euipment

Large Residential Indoor Playground Equipment

General features

(1). The equipment can be used for indoor and outdoor, malls and amusement park as well as funfairs.

(2). It’s possible to use it for all the four seasons if it’s being used indoors.

(3). It’s well designed and there’re no sharp/dangerous corners which can harm or cause injuries to the playing kids. This means that the safety of the kids is the priority of the manufacturer.

(4). The components of this equipment are made from durable thermoplastic UV treated, and the materials used are non- toxic

(5). It’s easy to clean and maintain

Buying guide for a residential indoor playground equipment

Since this product can be used in many places, it’s designed differently depending on the intended place of use. Therefore, you need to choose one whose features fits a residential playground when buying. Here are some of the crucial things to put into considerations when buying the new indoor playground equipment.


Every parent wants to see their kids playing in a safe environment and thus there’s the need to check the safety of that equipment. Consider buying the item from a professional manufacturer that commits to providing safety playground equipment and does durability tests. For the manufacturer, you can click https://bestonplayground.com/residential-indoor-playground-equipment-for-sale/.


This is another factor that should influence your purchasing decision. When it comes to design, things to consider include the targeted age group, holding capacity, color, usage as well as the application. Keep in mind that the equipment should not just be for fun but also kids should learn something from it. Let it be an educational tool as well. Remember kids love bright colors.


Consider comparing various products from multiple manufacturers. You can research online on the information concerning the equipment so as to have an idea of what you’ll be looking for. This will help you to know about the description of the product and its technical specifications. Ensure that the outer cover is soft so that kids can be comfortable playing.


You can compare the cost of purchasing the product from several suppliers and manufacturer -. This will assist you in setting a budget. However, you should be aware that the prices vary depending on the design and the complexity as well as the quality.


This is one factor that most people forget to look into. You should ask if the supplier offers free installation or charges a fee. Additionally, check if the components are easy to install because sometimes you may be required to do it yourself.

How To Choose A Quality Drop Tower Ride

The drop tower ride (Аттракцион башня свободного падения) is a very popular ride in any theme park. This ride is a great addition to any type of park and the ride is exciting and fun to be on. The ride rises up high and then it drops down fast which provides the rider a thrilling and exciting experience. This ride is a lot of fun and people really enjoy going on it. The ride is a huge money maker and it is a great investment when you have a theme park.

This ride is going to help you have more fun and everyone is going to want to experience it. The ride is so much fun and people really enjoy this ride. If you are in need of a ride that can make you a lot of money you should consider this ride since it is so much fun for your riders.

thrill drop tower ride
Beston Thrill Drop Tower Rides

Everyone is really going to enjoy spending time on this ride and you get to enjoy having a lot of fun with this ride. The best rides are easy to set up and they are also affordable. You want to make sure that you choose a ride that you can afford and you also need rides that are safe.

Even though the drop tower looks scary, it is actually a very safe ride (Бестон завод). Your riders are going to be safe and protected on this ride and it isn’t going to fail. The ride has a lot of safety features that make it very safe to ride. The drop tower ride appeals to everyone and many different types of people are going to want to ride this ride. The ride is so much fun to spend time on and it is a thrilling ride that can be scary.

free fall drop tower ride
Beston drop tower rides

When you drop down you feel terrified but it is also very safe. The ride is going to help you have a great time and people can’t resist this ride. The ride is so much fun and since it is such a thrill a lot of people are going to want to ride it. You can always find people who want to ride this ride since it is so fun.

The drop tower (Свободное падение на ВДНХ) is going to make you a lot of money and many people are going to want to ride it. The ride is going to be a lot of fun for people of all ages and you can really enjoy spending time on this ride when you invest in one. This ride is a lot of fun and it is a great investment when you have a theme park. This ride is going to make you a lot of money and it will be easy to start making money on this ride. You have to invest in rides that are going to make you the most money and the drop tower ride is one of those rides. People will always want to ride this ride and it is a lot of fun to ride. Great post to read: https://bestonamusementrides.ru/attraktsion-bashnya-svobodnogo-padeniya-zakaz/